Thursday, October 08, 2009


The 'Strictly' 'PAKIstani' row shows the BBC's PC-fascist nature

The BBC shows its true intent to denigrate the mass of ordinary people in its news coverage of the 'Strictly Come Dancing' supposed racial abuse affair.

The position that everyone on the BBC has adopted is that to naturally shorten 'Pakistani' in the same way as we naturally shorten 'Australian' is somehow offensive.

Come again? Who says? Who has any right to say?

Ordinary people in places like Bradford with large Pakistani populations are not going to say: 'I'm off down the Pakistani shop'. They are always going to use the shortened version. That is universal natural speech. It has no derogatory intent. But the BBC has derogatory intent in its insistence that the way we all naturally speak is somehow unacceptable.

Let me explain what is the basis of the BBC's ludicrous position. It is, of course, political correctness. How did we end up with this utter garbage?

It had long been obvious that the theory (Marxism in whatever form) was hopeless, but instead of changing it and admitting they'd not understood what makes people tick, the political Left blamed 'the workers' for not behaving according to Marxist prediction/prescription. 'The workers', far from 'rising up', just 'kept up with the Joneses', as anybody without ideological blinkering always knew they would. What ensued has been the biggest fraud in political history. 'The workers' were transformed in the political Left's imaginings from the mass of disadvantaged in need of 'liberation' to take over from 'the bosses' as the locus of 'oppression'. A total inversion. This is why you now never hear about 'the workers', whereas previously that phrase would have shut down a pub discussion about social justice. This complete flip meant that some other sub-group(s) had to be found to replace 'the workers' as the new lumpen supposed disadvantaged. So it was that we got women and ethnic minorities, then homosexuals, more recently trans-sexuals, and also, most recently of all, children. [Very unsexily -- for the sake of completion rather than through any enthusiasm -- they also felt they had to chuck in the disabled.] At the same time, for the reason that most of the political Left were working for the State in some way or other, the State was magically flipped from being the supposed oppressive instrument of 'the bosses' to somehow become the supposed instrument of 'liberation' for all of the newly invented 'oppressed'.

This is what we know as 'political correctness'; the political philosophy that now pervades everything -- all facets of the 'establishment', not least the judiciary and the police; all of the major political parties, and ... the BBC.

It is this new fascism -- and that is just what it is, by proper academic usage -- that is unacceptable, not how ordinary people naturally speak. So the next time that the BBC claims to be a public service broadcaster, remember how it despises you.

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