Saturday, July 13, 2013


The UK immigration system declared 'unfixable' – by the Home Office itself ... and, by the way, there's yet another hidden backlog; of a further 200,000 cases.

Well get this. "Is it ever going to be fixed? … I don't think so": so says the new DG of UK Visas & Immigration, Sarah Rapson, as highlighted in the very latest excoriation – in a long line of such reports – of the UK immigration system by the Home Affairs Select Committee, published today. Surely this is the most astonishing admission anybody's ever made in UK government. If Sarah Rapson thinks her task is hopeless, then why on earth did she accept the appointment; and why on earth was she offered it?! Similar can be said of the Home Office Permanent Secretary, Mark Sedwell, who is criticised in the report for his inappropriate 'business-as-usual' memo to staff after the recent reorganisation to reverse the move to agency status and bring the Borders & Immigration Agency back into the Home Office itself.
     As I've long pointed out, central to Home Office culture is the conviction that immigration is somehow an impossible problem. This is related to the fact that the Home Office is the prime locus within UK government of the political religion of PC – the new and virulent fascism. This has nothing to do with consideration for supposed disadvantaged groups, but the fraudulent manufacture of notions of 'identity-politics' groupings to be treated as being privileged over the mass of people lumped together as stereotypical 'workers' of old: men, essentially; 'white' men more specifically. It's sheer elitist-separatism, but elitist-separatism in denial pretending to be egalitarianism, and of a particularly noxious kind. This obscene ingrained attitude itself drives the Home Office's incompetence – regarding migrants (conceptualised as more worthy than UK citizens, and therefore to be preferentially supported) as well as women (likewise conceptualised as more worthy than men and similarly to be preferentially supported) -- and vice-versa in a vicious positive feedback loop.
     The bottomless pit of ineptitude and lying that is the Home Office is plumbed still lower today with the publication of the Select Committee's report, containing as it does not just Sarah Rapson's startling admission, but the revelation of yet another hitherto undisclosed backlog category; this one containing 190,000 cases! This takes the total of cases currently in all of the various once-hidden backlogs to more than 500,000!
     It also turns out that only out-of-country visas processing is anything like good practice, and that the Home office will have to second out-of-country staff to show those working in-country how to do their job. And this has only just been realised?
     Well, it took Channel4 almost a decade to fully realise that visa processing is completely hopeless in the UK: they sent in an under-cover team to pose as caseworkers in the very place where I used to work, in Sheffield. The very sort of astonishing goings-on I revealed back in 2004 when I famously 'whistle-blew' were caught on hidden camera in the flippant pronouncements in meetings by hapless managers.
The Home Affairs Select Committee rightly is not letting go of the Home Office on the immigration issue, but when is it going to tackle it over the virulent fraudulent analyses misrepresenting crime statistics, and what the researcher Belinda Brookes-Gordon dubs "the feminist-separatist cabal" within the Home Office? Nothing coming out of the Home Office (not to mention Keir Starmer's stupid mouth) is remotely believable when it comes to anything regarding men-women; notably in respect of rape and domestic violence.

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