Friday, January 31, 2014


Police 'no-crime' rape for very good reason, and could do it far more even than they do

Yet again all the media and the usual suspects are ranting about police data re 'no-criming' rape complaints, but nowhere is there informed comment about the reality of rape accusation – which, as everyone within the judicial system knows only too well is in large proportion if not fabrication at best misrepresentation.
I analysed Home Office data re rape (see The Woman Racket) to show that even a conservative estimate of the incidence of false reports of rape runs at 35%, but that it is likely far greater given the research into the professional opinions of specialist police rape investigators – in the UK by none other than Sir Ian Blair, who found it ran between 50% and 70%. It's 50% 90% across the world.
     On both sides of the Atlantic (here Professor Keith Soothill) research has been carried out into the motivations of girls and women to make false rape allegations, and it is clear that motivation is varied and often trivial in the extreme – often to cover the mildest embarrassment and to dispel any risk of an image of sexual impropriety (notably to hide consensual extra-pair sex from a boyfriend).
     It is no use getting indignant that whereas the 'no-criming' rate for other offences is just 2% that rape is therefore anomalous at an average across police forces of 12%. That 12% is only as low as it is through years – decades now – of persistent draconian pressure from the Home office to always record that a crime has indeed taken place unless there is full retraction by the complainant and full admission of fabrication. Police specialist rape investigators know full well that this is absurd, and only in a very few forces are the strict directions by the Home Office adhered to. These are those where the 'no-crime' figure for rape comes in at under 10%. The few forces who are more fully honest about the true figure reveal the incidence to be more like a third of all formal complaints – and this will be conservative.
     Advocacy groups supposedly speaking on behalf of rape victims claim that under-reporting is on such a scale that the police only get to hear of 15% of rapes, but if this is so then no wonder rape fabrication rivals actual reporting of rape. False rape reporting is not 15% but 100% of cases, by definition. Consequently, even if instances of 'making it up' are in proportion small in comparison to actual rape, they can easily make up a third or a half of the cases that get as far as the police.
     Recently a University of Nottingham criminological study showed that the understanding of all those within the judicial system that 'false rape' is epidemic was justified in that complainants indeed very often make false reports. The study's author tried to make a distinction between out-and-out fabrication and wildly inaccurate reporting of what nonetheless was a rape; but the distinction breaks down upon examination, given that the issue of whether or not sexual activity is consensual is highly uncertain and subjective.
     As with all things men-women the media is full of utter horseshit, and it's high time that the BBC especially started providing a public service instead of indoctrination with laughable PC-fascist distortion of reality.

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