Friday, January 17, 2014


Who's 'bringing the Party into disrepute' in the Lib Dems?

Aren't the four Lib Dem women by pulling the 'harassment' card on Chris Rennard themselves bringing the Lib Dems into 'disrepute'? Who are they to claim that their subjective distress -- which was not apparent at the time or for years after allegedly being experienced -- merits an apology from Rennard for his actions, irrespective of whether or not he ever intended any 'harassment' at all, rather than at most innocuous mild horseplay?! Individuals are entitled to feel as distressed as they wish, but they are not entitled to dump their subjective experience on to others such that others must be held responsible for it.
     Rennard's alleged misdemeanours even at their most purportedly serious are tame by any standards, and unsurprisingly the Lib Dems' own investigation echoes that by the police in the conclusion that there is no case to answer -- and this is not according to a criminal but a mere civil standard of justice. The evidence, such as it is, notwithstanding being 'credible', doesn't amount even to a 51% probability of being accurate, we are told.
     So where is any case for Chris Rennard to answer? On the contrary, there is a case to answer by the women, who see a legitimate political game in presenting their narcissistic fragility. How many people outside the Lib Dem Party see this as the workings of a party potentially of government deserving of their vote? Not too many, we might well surmise. So the 'disrepute' at issue may well be the actions of the women complainants rather than the purported male perpetrator here.
     What we see here is a battle between a genuinely liberal attitude and the fake liberality of the PC-fascist; which orientation has conquered all three of the political parties in the UK with significant Commons representation. It was my realisation that this affliction had irredeemably buggered the Lib Dems which led me to stop being a Lib Dem activist, and to stop even voting for them. Perhaps this interlude will begin some focus of thought on the appalling totalitarian politics at large and the real need for an actually liberal political party. This seems to be UKIP, but even they are not averse to kow-towing to the PC-fascist line!

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